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Intro to the Chakra System

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word significance wheel or vortex, and it is describing the many energy centers that our bodies are consisted of. These energy centers are not noticeable to the human eye; nevertheless there are many instinctive that have the ability to see one's chakras in their mind's eye. There are numerous chakras in the body; nevertheless it is just truly required to concentrate on the 7 primary chakras. These primary chakras are lined up from the base of the spinal column to the top of the head. Each chakra has a specific color connected with it and represents specific elements of your physical, psychological, and spiritual bodies.

- Your 1st chakra, also called your root chakra, lies at the base of your spinal column and vibrates at the rate of the color red. The root chakra is your structure chakra and allows you to obtain your fundamental needs satisfied in the world such as food, shelter, and water. The physical element of this chakra consists of the blood and nerve systems, the spinal column, bladder, and reproductive organs. A from balance or obstructed root chakra can trigger swelling, anxiety, sleepiness, uncertainty, and rage; simply among others.

- Moving up to simply listed below the navel we find the 2nd chakra, or the sacral chakra. This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color orange and is related to our capability to be innovative, recreation, and fertility (consisting of being fertile with concepts, and so on.). Physically the sacral chakra consists of the skin, kidneys, mammary glands, and female reproductive system. A from balance or obstructed sacral chakra can trigger skin issues such as rashes and acne, reproductive issues, absence of imagination, hostility, and mental illness. It is this chakra that lots of people store those feelings that they have lowered or not handled, so it is very simple for this chakra to become obstructed.

- Next, situated listed below the ribs is the 3rd chakra or the solar plexus chakra. This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color yellow and is your source of inner power and self-worth. The associated organs to the solar plexus are the liver, spleen, stomach, and little intestinal tract. From balance this chakra can trigger digestion issues, diabetes, low self-confidence, low energy, and confusion.

- The 4th chakra or heart chakra is the bridge in between the lower 3 chakras (earth) and the upper 3 chakra (spiritual). The heart chakra lies straight in the center of the chest and vibrates at the rate of the color green (the majority of people think that the color is pink. but that is in fact the opposite color of green on the color wheel). This chakra is everything about love, self-love and empathy and consists of the heart and breasts, endocrine gland, and the thymus gland. From balance issues that can happen are cardiovascular disease, allergic reactions, fatigue syndrome, jealousy, bad moods, and indifference.

- A the throat lies the 5th chakra or the throat chakra. The throat chakra vibrates at the rate of the color light blue and associates with speech, communication, and self-expression. Associated organs are the throat, lungs, and ears. Issues that can take place from a from balance throat chakra are hearing issues, asthma, aching throats, thyroid issues, conceit, and disparity.

- Moving up to the center of the forehead is the 6th chakra or the pineal eye chakra (another name for this chakra is the eyebrow chakra). This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color Indigo and is connected with one's mind and instinctive capabilities. Associated organs to this chakra are the eyes, lower head, and sinuses. From balance this chakra can trigger migraines, visual problems, sinus issues, being spread and disordered, and a failure to trust your instinct.

- The last chakra is the 7th chakra also called the crown chakra, which lies at the top of the head, and associates with self-understanding and spiritual awareness. This chakra vibrates at the rate of the color white that includes the complete spectrum of colors. The associated organ to the crown chakra is the brain. Some issues that can happen if from balance are anxiety, many psychological or mental conditions, light-headedness, absence of contact with truth, and no concern for others.

There are unlimited reasons your chakras can become out of balance or obstructed, when one becomes clogged up the circulation of the entire system is disturbed. Taking great care of your chakra system will help to enhance your energy circulation so that you can make the most from your days. There are many easy methods out there to keep your energy centers streaming and I advise you to use whichever one feels right to you.